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Fire Rated Pipe Support Brackets are required where a hydrant or service pipe passes through a building that are not protected by sprinklers as per AS:2419.1

 These items are currently listed on Reece Order system as follows. 

CODEDescription Supplier Part Number
500180FRS 150mm Pear Clip Kit150PC-C
500181FRS 100mm Yoke Clamp Kit100YC-C
500182FRS 150mm Yoke Clamp Kit150YC-C
500183FRS 100mm Pear Clip Kit100PC-C
500184FRS Beam Clamp KitFRS Beam clamp kit

We also have a 2-rod clamp kit in both 100mm and 150mm that are not coded in your system yet as well as other sizes 25mm to 300mm but are listed on our website, as well as other products that will be released in coming months including seismic fixings and rod sockets.

All bracket kits come with all that you need to install 1 x bracket and are packaged in a bag and then boxed up containing 8 in total per box.

Example of a 100mm yoke clamp kits contents 

1 x HKD 

1 X Retainer nut 

1 x 500mm x rod 

2 x nuts 16mm 

2 x 12 x 45 x nut and bolts 

1 x 2-piece bracket 

This solution is the only 3Rd party accredited and is on the ActivFire scheme from the CSIRO which is the minimum standard for most Government jobs.

The only 100% code compliant solution with all the test data and certificates that not only comply with the Australian Standards but exceed them. 

We also have 20mil public liability insurance through Berkley Insurance so your customers can be assured that what they are installing has the correct backing.

Only bracket solution tested on various types of building elements 

We also have great industry knowledge and are considered industry leaders in this space by some of Australia’s leading Hydraulic and Fire engineers, Certifiers and Government departments