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Fire Rated Solutions Fire Hydrant Pipe Support Brackets

Recently, certifying authorities are adhering more stringently to the sections of the NCC and Australian Standards which state that installation of fire rated pipe supports must be installed for all hydrant pipes in buildings that are not sprinkler protected.

AS 2419.1: 2005 from the introduction in the NCC in 2011.

All hydrant / service pipes installed that are not protected by sprinkler system must be protected via AS:2419.1. whether the building has sprinklers or not.

The Fire Rated Solutions fire hydrant pipe support brackets are the only option that is fully tested and code compliant. Our certification standards are above code and fully certified. 

  • Tested and certified by a FRL 90/-/- in a NATA approved laboratory.
  • Accreditation with ACTIVFIRE registration from CSIRO as of 14-02-2022 “afp-3664 Fire Rated Solutions Pty Ltd.

Fire Rated Solutions pipe support brackets excel in all building standards, in particular these standards relating to fire rating solutions in buildings.

AS: 2419.1: Section 8 : 2005,Section 10: 2017 and 2021 Pipe supports

AS: 2419. and 2021 Fire rating

AS: 2419., AS:2419.1.10.6: 2017 and 2021 Spacing of supports ≥150mm 4m

AS: 1530.4:2014 Fire resistance for building elements 

Fire Rated Yoke Clamps
Fire Rated Yoke Clamps
Fire Rated Pear Brackets
Fire Rated Pear Brackets

Our pear hangers, yoke pipe clamp brackets, 2 rod clamps and other fire rated building supplies are not only 100% code compliant but also the only 3rd party certified solution. 

Put simply the best solution for all involved including consultants, certifiers, builders, contractors, and owners.

There are systems currently on the market that are being used which require a 2-stage installation procedure making them much more expensive. Notable are; wrap, vermiculite spray, and metal covers containing fire retardant materials.  None of which have been fully tested nor compliant. Whether the fail is in the anchor system, the engineered solution, incorrect spacings, or just not tested for this situation.  No other system is 100% compliant and should not be used as “standard practice’ .

Fire Rated Solutions are currently working towards seismic fixing solutions to work in conjunction with our current fire rated solution.  We are expecting May 2022 to have the seismic brackets tested and available in our catalogue of brackets.

Moving forward we have some of Australia’s most respected Hydraulic Consultants and designers specifying Fire Rated Solutions brackets on all their current and upcoming projects as per the new design and specification requirements set out by the NSW building commissioner. 

We would like to also get these items specified on your current and upcoming drawings.

If you would like any further information on our range of products or would like a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warren Rochester

Fire Rated Solutions Pty Ltd

Telephone: 0420 6222 88

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