Supplier of Fire Rated Pipe Supports

Our Pipe Support Brackets are now ACTIVFIRE certified through the CSIRO!

Pipe Support Brackets Certified

Last month we received out certification from ACTIVFIRE scheme through the CSIRO for our fire rated products and pipe support brackets.  This ACTIVFIRE certification is on top of our existing certification from our NATA approved testing laboratory.

Fire Rated Solutions hydrant pipe brackets and bracket accessories are:

  • The only solution that is 100% code compliant
  • The only solution that is Independently 3rd party certified through the ACTIVFIRE scheme from CSIRO so you can be assured its 100% code compliant when installed.
  • Tested to FRL 90/-/-, 30 mins above the standard
  • Only solution backed by $20mil public liability
  • Easy identification with all major parts stamped
  • Only solution requiring 1 step installation process
  • Only solution that comes in a kit and all parts tested and compliant to FRL 90/-/-
  • Most cost-effective method
  • Parts cannot be contaminated with sub standard materials
  • Makes installation easier, safer, and quicker.

Check out how we can save you time and money installing our Australian Standards Compliant fire rated products.

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