Supplier of Fire Rated Pipe Supports

Installation Instructions for 100mm and 150mm clips in BEAMS


Mark holes using beam clip as template 

Drill holes with 13mm drill bit  

Insert bolts and fix to structure and tighten 100kpa 

Set laser or measure for level / measure and cut rod lengths 

Install rod into Beam clip and protrude rod approximately 10mm above bottom of beam clip  

Install top nut and tighten 100kpa until tight and snug to concrete 

Install bottom nut and screw up approximately 100mm above bottom of threaded rod 

Install 45mm retaining nut and adjust to suit level line

Install bracket over pipe 

Lift pipe to level and slide clip onto 45mm retaining nut until snug fit 

Tighten top nut down onto bracket to 100kpa and snug to top of bracket 

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