Supplier of Fire Rated Pipe Supports


Complies with the following Australian Standards / codes of practice. 

AS: 2419.1:2017 Section 10 Pipe Supports.

AS: 2419.1.8.7:2005 Pipe Supports 

AS: 2419.1.10.4:2017 Fire Rating. 

AS: 2419. Fire Rating 

AS: 2419.1.10.6:2017 Spacing of supports ≥ 150mm @4m.

AS:2419. Spacing of supports All spacings are @4m not as listed in table 100@5m and 150@6m  

AS: 1530.4 Fire resistance tests for building elements. 

As per NATA Approved Lab, Resolute Testing Laboratories Pty Ltd documents listed below.


  • Patented Design. 
  • Only bracket system that 100% complies and exceeds with all relative Australian Standards / codes. 
  • Only bracket system that is fully tested and compliant to Australian Standards. 
  • Only bracket system designed to be easier to install.
  • Only bracket system that materials cannot be contaminated (substandard materials used). 
  • Only bracket system designed to make it safer to install. 
  • Only bracket system which allows to be retro fitted without uninstalling pipes. 
  • Only bracket system to exceed test ‘required design test weight’ AS:2419.1.10.2 2017: 
  • 150mm@ 421kg
  • 100mm @ 283kg
  • Tested to 424kg 
  • The Fire resistance test exceeds the AS:2491. 2017: 
  • FRL  60/-/- 
  • Tested to: FRL 90/-/- for added safety for first responders 
  • Both 150mm and 100mm are made with the same process, brackets have the same width / thickness / shape / rod / nuts / bolts and material composition to make it easer for all to install.
  • Materials easily identified FRS on all major parts / Left hand threads on rods and nuts to prevent untested materials being used. 
  • Cheapest bracket system P/M. 
  • Most aesthetically pleasing bracket system.  
  • Only bracket system that requires no maintenance.
  • Only bracket system that comes in a kit.
  • Only bracket system tested to various types of building elements.

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